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How Long Should Latex Paint Dry Between Coats?

Posted - 03/01/2012

Latex paint gives the walls of your home a slightly shiny appearance. Most interior paint is either latex or water-based. Homeowners often choose latex paint because it dries much faster than the water-based paint. When applying latex paint to your walls, you must wait at least four hours between coats. It typically takes a minimum of two paint coats to completely cover the walls. The paint shows signs of drying within the first 60 minutes, but takes up to four hours or longer before it completely dries. The biggest problem that you face is environmental elements that reduce the drying time. If you paint your walls during a rainstorm or when the air is humid, the drying time can double. For example, you apply latex paint and then rain starts falling. It might take several days or at least 24 hours before the paint dries. Professional painters work with homeowners to not only get the walls painted, but to get that paint dry as fast as possible. Painters get paid by the job, not the time spent working. The painter wants the room dried fast, so he can move onto his next job. A professional painter ensures that you do not spend days watching the paint drying on the walls.
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